Monday, October 25, 2021

Cooperation of Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey will restore the strength of Islamic civilization


Zubair Yaqoob
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Three Islamic countries  Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey will find ways to restore the strength and rebuild the universal Islamic civilization so that it would no longer easy to be denied by anyone.

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a joint press conference in Ankara.

Dr Mahathir said it was easy to make such a statement but the important thing was to look at the results.

“Islamic countries must be united, should work closely together in terms of military force.

“That’s why the three-party meeting (Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey) was held to find a way to work closely,” Dr Mahathir said.

Earlier, two leaders of the Islamic states held a four-point meeting, followed by a meeting of the Malaysia-Turkey delegation at the Presidential Complex in Ankara.

In Jeddah last May, Foreign Ministers, Turkey and Pakistan held a three-party meeting, among others, trying to reform the OIC to make it more effective.

Dr Mahathir believes Malaysia and Turkey’s cooperation can also reduce prejudice to Muslim communities around the world.

Malaysian Prime Minister stressed the need to identify the reasons why the Islamic countries and the Muslims were weak so that the solution was found.

“As with terrorism, we need to know what is the cause. We have the experience of combating terrorism in Malaysia, not by military means, but by winning the hearts and minds of communities, which ultimately support us, “he said.

During joint press conference, the Turkish President Erdogan said it was necessary for the three countries to reach an agreement with a focus on the unity of the Muslim world.

Special plane carrying Dr Mahathir and his wife from Kuala Lumpur, arrived at Esenboga International Airport here at about 7.40pm local time last night to start a four-day official visit.

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