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Dr Mahathir: As promised, I will handover the leadership to Anwar Ibrahim


Zubair Yaqoob
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Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is determined not to allow the country to fall apart when he resigns as Prime Minister.

The 93-year-old leader and the founder of modern Malaysia Dr Mahathir said it was his desire to continue to work hard for the country and solve the problems faced.

“Of course, I will not leave the country (leadership) in a mess, as did the previous leadership. So, I’m working hard for the country, every effort, and hopefully we will be able to correct the situation and solve all the problems we inherited (from the previous government), “he said.

He said this in the ‘The Future of Malaysia and ASEAN’ program sessions at the 5th Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit in Bangkok on Friday, hosted by Bloomberg International Correspondent Head of Southeast Asia, Haslinda Amin.

In reply to one question, Dr Mahathir said he would stick to his promise to hand over the leadership of the country to Anwar Ibrahim. Bernama reported

Asked whether Anwar was ready to assume the post, Dr Mahathir said: “It’s not about whether he is ready or not. I have promised, and I will hold fast to my promise “.

Dr Mahathir also touched on the question of his Cabinet Minister, saying there was no reshuffle of office so far, and he would do so only if there was a need.

Explaining his stand on the matter he said: “When you remodel the Cabinet, this will cause most people to feel offended, and they may react in a way that affects good relations.

“I do not like to set aside people, and put a new face. I’ve never done it before, and I will not do it now, “he said.

Dr Mahathir said all ministers worked together as a team.

“In most countries after the government changes, there will be people thrown out, and some will be included. All of this happens in other countries, but in Malaysia we do not like to make frequent exchange of ministers.

Asked on his dream for the young generation of Malaysia, the Prime Minister expressed his hope that they would be more aware of the country’s development.

“They have to love the country, and are willing to build Malaysia for a developed nation,” Dr Mahathir said.

He also said that the nation’s generation needs to appreciate the generation before them who have vast experience.

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