Sunday, September 25, 2022

From leadership to the statesmanship


Parvez Jamil
Parvez Jamil has four decades of intensive and extensive experience with excellence in Public Affairs, Corporate Communication and Media Management. He has an inherent will and wish to take on board the less-privileged in his personal and professional priorities.

So much has been said and done on and by leaders and leadership with imminent results that calls for something beyond repetition and monotony. As political leadership is commonly understood as the ability of the government and opposition to guide and support the vote bank to cherished results, in practical reality it is a different story which calls for something beyond leadership.  Beyond leadership is statesmanship when a nation looks for statesmen with the acumen to address local, national and international issues beyond set, standard and stereotype leadership through innovative ideas, insights and initiatives and with better emotional maturity, seriousness of purpose and penetrative thinking.

Must our leaders with leadership or statesmen with statesmanship and public with expectations, think, feel and believe there is something so indispensable, so concealed and at the bottom line of our nagging woes, not to be sidelined in the best personal, public and national interest.  Sharing humble little but ground-breaking and problem-solving tips for our leadership and statesmanship is to rise over and above die-hard ego, vanity, (“ana”),  self and party interests, sit, stand and work together with gifted vim, vigor and vitality to seek national consensus on core issues pertaining to our hyper sensitivities in national and international security and  challenging national financial, social and economic issues.

Leadership or statesmanship need to rise over and above self and ego to prioritize result-oriented development plans and projects that basically enable masses to learn and live with self-confidence and self- reliance through job and trade related skills for decent and respectable life and livelihood. It is the public who need to be familiarized to and acclimatized with the habit and spirit of self-reliance through leadership and statesmanship and by an enlightened and responsible print and electronic media. Envisioned is an indispensable, enlightened and harmonious blend of leadership, media and public.

Leaders, we love you because you are our leaders. We respect you because you are our trend-setters. We cherish you because you are our role models. We relish you because you are our ray of hope. But our dear leaders, trend-setters, role models and ray of hope we bleed our hearts out when we see you fight so viciously, so wildly and so horribly with each other. We are so shell-shocked and so deadly stunned to see you locked in the round-the-clock shouting and abusing bouts of leg-pulling and mud-slinging at the very cost of national grace, dignity and honor!

True we all are so concerned about our problems-turned-woes of inflation, unemployment, education, health, environment, public utilities, roads, traffic and transportation looming precariously large over the national horizon. Indeed incomprehensibly horrendous are our hidden and exposed teething troubles of internal and external security and international status, standing, character and repute. Indeed we have full trust and confidence in the custodians of Pakistan who always rise to our internal and external security challenges  with exemplary vision and valor second to none.

Our dear leaders, trend-setters, role models and ray of hope, we the teeming millions of Pakistan, our envisioned land of purity, promise and potential, beg you to please rise over and above self, banish die-hard ego, stand and sit together, sink your lethal differences and address core national issues by coexisting with conflicting views and interests amid mutual respect, tolerance and shared happiness.Let fortune smile on Pakistan when our political leaders rise over and above self and banish die-hard ego or vanity and when our economic leaders practically work on Gross National Happiness rather than merely lamenting on the falling Gross National Product. Easy said than done but where there is a will there is a way.

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