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Hong Kong: China warns intervention if protest escalates


Zubair Yaqoob
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Hong Kong: China sent its strongest warning so far to use its troops on the streets of the the region where Beijing said protests turned to the ‘Color Revolution’ with water cannons and tear gas fired in clashes between police and protesters during a weekend protest -12 in a row.

“It is not just China’s central government but also the responsibility to intervene in the event of riots in Hong Kong,” Xinhua news agency said yesterday in a statement, echoing the comments of former top leader Deng Xiaoping saying Beijing should act accordingly.

US President Donald Trump on August 13 said a report from his country’s intelligence agency showed that the Chinese government was moving its troops to the Hong Kong border.

The day before, Chinese tabloid newspapers run by People’s Daily, Global Times reported, the Chinese People’s Police gathered in Shenzhen ahead of a ‘large-scale exercise’ where various armored tanks, trucks and other semi-military vehicles were spotted heading to the neighboring city of Hong Kong.

In his comment yesterday, Xinhua said protests in Hong Kong were turning to a Color Revolution aimed at changing the constitution of the Special Administrative Region, signaling that it was ready to take further action.

Previously, Chinese authorities described the protest as having several criteria indicating a color revolution.

Violent protesters are pushing Hong Kong to the brink of disaster, the city government said in a statement after a day of violent protests between protesters and police in which an officer fired a warning shot into the air.

Meanwhile, the use of water cannons for the first time and at least one officer fired shots into the air during a clash with protesters yesterday, considered the deadliest night in three months of protests by the city.

Earlier Sunday, after thousands of people marched peacefully in the rain, a group of riot protesters erected artificial barriers and threw bricks and molotov cocktails at riot police.

Police previously said water cannon vehicles, equipped with surveillance cameras and some hovering nozzles would only be used in the event of ‘large-scale public disturbance.

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