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Imran Khan: UN has the responsibility to resolve Kashmir’s distress and dispute


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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is the responsibility of the UN to resolve the Kashmiri distress and the dispute. The two points on the Kashmir issue will not back down from the stand. Kashmir is a controversial region globally; India cannot make unilateral decisions. He said that for the first time in 50 years a Security Council meeting was held on occupied Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan met lawmaker Babar Awan, in which consultation on the global situation and legal issues related to Kashmir, political and constitutional issues were discussed.

“Pakistan has rightfully presented Kashmir case in the UN”, Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan has rightfully presented Kashmir case in the UN, the international community should listen and understand Pakistan’s position on Indian held Kashmir issue, Pakistan has moved in the right direction on the diplomatic front on Kashmir. We are grateful for the support of friendly countries on Kashmir cause.

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Khan said he had a detailed talk with US President Donald Trump Friday. The US president is closely reviewing the matter, warning them of curfew, crackdowns and possible genocide.

The Prime Minister said that “I welcome the Security Council meeting on the situation in occupied Kashmir, for the first time in 50 years the issue was raised on the world’s major diplomatic forum”. In Security Council meeting, 11 UN resolutions vowed to self-determination for the rights of Kashmiris. The Security Council meeting was a reminder of UN resolutions.

Babar Awan praised the Prime Minister’s brave actions for Kashmir cause and said that the Prime Minister exposed Modi and put his hand on the pulse of the Muslim world.

He said India’s statement was defeated in the UN, and the BJP government is facing criticism for reaching the UN.

It is to be remembered that the UN Security Council meeting on occupied Kashmir was held on Friday, during which the council was briefed on the current situation in occupied Kashmir. 5 Permanent and 10 Non-Permanent Representatives attended the meeting.

Indian statement was defeated in the UN

After the Security Council meeting, the permanent representative of China in the UN told the media that members expressed concern over the situation in occupied Kashmir.

According to the Chinese delegation, the issue of occupied Kashmir is historic, it should be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions, Indian constitutional amendments will create tension in the region.

Chinese representative further said that Beijing is also concerned about the current situation in Kashmir, Indian measures have also challenged China’s security, India’s unilateral measures are not correct.

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