Sunday, January 23, 2022

India suffers from extreme temperature, sun strikes kill a dozen monkeys


Zubair Yaqoob
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Due to the climate change, India suffers from extreme temperatures with a heat wave of more than 50 degrees Celsius.

Even a group of monkeys died of a heat stroke. High temperatures, which lasted more than a week.

Intense temperatures spread across vast areas of the country, to more than 50 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan state.

Monkeys died in the Joshi Baba forest in Madhya Pradesh state, where the temperature was 46 degrees Celsius.

“It is believed that these animals fought a battle to obtain a source of water, and this is rare and strange because herbivores do not indulge in such conflicts,” said BN Mishra, a region’s forest official.

“We are looking at all possibilities, including the possibility of conflict between monkeys for water, killing 15 monkeys from a group of monkeys between 30 and 35 living in caves,” the autopsy said.

The heat stroke caused the deaths.

Tigers have also been reported moving from forest reserves to villages in search of water, causing alarms.

Temperatures were 50.3 degrees Celsius in the town of Choro in Rajasthan last week, a serious figure.

The heat wave revealed a drop in water levels in the aquifers, and there were a number of human deaths reported due to water disputes.

The Indian peninsula has undergone a dramatic change in rainfall patterns over the past decade, with frequent droughts, floods and sudden storms.

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