Saturday, January 29, 2022

Indian woman commit suicide after being scolded by her husband for TikTok


Zubair Yaqoob
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A new suicide case reported due to Indian application TikTok. A 24-year-old Indian woman lost the life in Tamil Nadu state after her husband banned her from using the entertainment application and songs. TikTok.

Anita, the mother of two children, appeared in a video to her husband via WhatsApp, seen drinking poison, a black substance with a white bottle, to die of hysterical coughing.

This is not the first time an Indian user has committed suicide. In February, an Indian girl hanged herself in Mumbai after her grandmother rebuked her for the length of application. Salman Zaker, 19, died after being shot by a friend He was recording one of his videos TikTok.

As a result of these disturbing incidents, the Indian Supreme Court banned this application in schools, in addition to publishing inappropriate material, but the ruling was changed after consideration of the call by the Indian lawyer Muthukumar, to prevent only the download of any pornography and inappropriate material.

The application, which is used by 120 million Indians monthly, has been banned from electronic stores Google Play and Apple App Store But the ban was lifted on April 25.

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