Sunday, August 1, 2021

Iran denies report on explosion in space facility


Zain Zubair
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Iran denied American statements about an accident in the preparations for the launch of the communications satellite Nahid-1. Telecommunication minister of Iran, Mohammed Jawad Asari Dzhahromi said that US President Donald Trump misinformed about the Iranian satellite referring the tweet of Trump.

Me and Nahid-1 now, good morning Donald Trump, Dzhahromi tweeted on Saturday with a selfie of himself and the satellite. According to the media outlets of the United States, there had been an explosion on Thursday in an Iranian space facility. It should have exploded a rocket, the Nahid-1 should send into space.

Trump denied a tussle in the United States in his tweet and ironically added that he hoped that Iran could clarify the cause of the incident soon. Nahid-1 is fine, and we are doing the final tests before we hand it over to the Ministry of Defense, said Dzhahromi of the state news agency IRNA.


The minister invited Iranian media to Tehran’s Space Operations Center on Saturday to assure that the Nahid-1 satellite was safe. According to Dzhahromi, the Ministry of Defense undergoing some more tests before Nahid-1 can be sent into space.

After two failed attempts this year, Iran is planning a new satellite launch at the end of September. According to Tehran, the satellite will provide Nahid-1 scientific data on weather and agriculture and pursue no military objectives.

Therefore, the use is consistent with international regulations. However, the United States and Israel are critical of such launches, the two countries are concerned that Iran could use space technology to build military long-range missiles.

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