Thursday, July 7, 2022

Iran: Mehdi Karroubi holds Khamenei responsible for Ukrainian plane


Sajid Aziz
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The leader of the reformist opposition, Mehdi Karroubi, criticized the accident that the Revolutionary Guards shot down a Ukrainian plane by mistake, blaming the Iranian Supreme Leader as the commander in chief of the armed forces, after confessions of a short-range missile being fired at it at dawn Wednesday and killing all its passengers.

Mehdi Karroubi wrote a message published by the BBC in its Persian version, considering that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is not eligible to drive, and he addressed him saying, “Either you knew about the disaster of bringing the plane down and you allowed the deception of the people or you were unaware of what happened and in both cases you are not eligible to drive according to the Constitution.

On Saturday evening, dozens of students gathered in front of Amir Kabir University in the capital, Tehran, and tore down a picture of Soleimani, according to the Iranian Fars Agency.

Students at Amir Kabir University of Iran launched the slogan “Death to the Lie”, denouncing the Revolutionary Guards ’admission of shooting down the Ukrainian plane with a short-range missile. Dozens of students gathered in front of the university gate, amid a security presence, and Iranian students held a protest protest condemning the incident in front of the university, chanting slogans against the Revolutionary Guards and the regime.

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Iranian students demanded the dismissal of the officials responsible for the accident, and chanted the slogan “dismiss incompetent officials” and denounced the Revolutionary Guard saying, “Be ashamed of yourself as a guard and leave the country alone” and the students raised slogans against the Supreme Leader over Khamenei and the regime, chanting “Death to the dictator,” according to videos spread On social media, they also held banners: “With what sin have they been killed?”

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