On public demand: Pakistan restricts Indian motion pictures, dramas

Pakistan Minister for Information and Broadcasting  Fawad Chawdhry has directed the Electronic Media Regulatory Authority to ensure that no Indian movies or amusement related substance will be allowed in Pakistan.

The declaration has come in the stir of Indian airstrike in Balakot in a district Mansehra of Pakistan, according to the Indian media, 350 terrorists were killed in early hours on Tuesday.

The legislature was being reprimanded via web-based networking media for permitting Indian movies on Pakistani films while discussing ‘befitting reaction’ to the Indian Air Force’s interruption.

Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association has embargoed Indian substance, Indian Movie be discharged in Pakistan.

In a tweet, Information minister Fawad additionally directed PEMRA to act against those who air the Indian advertisements, with Bollywood actor’s presence”.

Public anger flared after Modi led Indian government ordered airstrike attempt in Pakistan which was intercepted by PAF air squadron near Balakot.



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