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Russia is developing a remote-controlled submarine


Zubair Yaqoob
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Russia’s arms production institutions are still taking a new look at the world. Russia launched its first generation of remote-controlled combat submarines capable of engaging in deep-sea and ocean-based fire fighting, first of its kind in the world and the idea of ​​its production is inspired by unmanned aircraft.

Observers say Russia and China are in constant competition to produce a new generation of submarine warfare systems to meet the needs of defending their maritime interests, United States has entered the line of competition in cooperation with its European allies.

The new Russian submarines can march with the elements of human frogs through a system of direct-broadcast cameras linked to the rules of management and maritime control they operate. The new Russian submarines also estimate the protection of floating marine and coastal targets from hostile attacks by submarines or floating boats But even the elements of the divine righteousness.

Since last winter, Russia has begun testing the new submarines in battles to simulate the real battles, in preparation for mass production. Russia has yet to reveal the technical details and operational characteristics of the new naval weapon, but all that is known is its arming with a 7.62 caliber machine gun  in addition to torpedoes and all of them are special models suitable for deep-water submersible fighting.

In March last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country is developing nuclear-powered nuclear-powered submarines. Russia has launched its new self-governing submarine Poseidon, which emulates submarines (canyons) developed jointly by EU factories in cooperation with US factories are submarines capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear ballistic missiles capable of engaging with air targets, coastal fortifications, offshore and coastal infrastructure, and exporting nuisance to enemy units. However, they are not self-governing. A feature that is excelled by the new Russian submarines (Poseidon).

China’s development efforts are expected to yield the production of self-managed submarines capable of firefighting early in 2020, and Beijing will rely on AI applications, according to the China Morning News in July last year, but the production program for this type of submarine The Chinese is still very discreetly surrounded.

The United States has also developed remote-guided submarines but not for combat purposes and is unable to engage in hostile fire with enemy targets. The mission of the US submarines that have been developed so far has been to detect hostile sea targets, detect and identify areas of minefields, Under the surface and above, the United States continues to rely on submarines of the Dolphin type to provide fire defense from its naval bases, intercept sub-surface submarines, and locate submersible and submersible minefields.

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