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Russian investigative journalist placed under house arrest


Zubair Yaqoob
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A Moscow court on Saturday sentenced journalist Ivan Golunov to two months in house arrest during an investigation into drug trafficking charges after the court rejected a request by investigators to detain him.

The 36-year-old Golunov was on the way to a meeting with Masdar on Thursday when he was detained in central Moscow and found drugs in his backpacks.

A defense lawyer for Golunov, known for his investigations into corruption among local officials in Moscow, said he believed the police had drugged his client to fabricate a charge and that he was beaten.

Golunov denies the charges. He told people at the court during the adjournment that he had received threats related to his investigation into the burial work.

“I have not committed a crime and I am prepared to cooperate with the investigation, not to do with drugs,” Golunov was quoted as saying by the Russian Information Agency.

Golunov faces charges of drug trafficking on a large scale and investigators have asked the court to renew his detention for two months.

Golunov was taken earlier to the hospital after feeling ill.

The Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed medic as saying that Golunov was suffering from numerous abrasions in the chest and bruises in his ribs and head injuries.

But the Russian media agency later quoted Alexander Meyasnikov, the hospital’s chief doctor, as saying after the medical examination that Golunov had no serious injuries.

Russian journalist during his trial
Russian journalist during his trial


Russian journalist during the detention
Russian journalist during the detention


Russian journalist Ivan Golunov
Russian journalist Ivan Golunov


Russian journalist
Russian journalist


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