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S-400 missile system: Turkey will receive first shipment in ten days


Zubair Yaqoob
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Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the first shipment of the missile defense system of the S-400 Russia would be made within 10 days.

However, NTV’s official broadcaster station quoting Erdogan reports that the deal does not involve US sanctions.

On the other hand, Washington claims that the S-400 will affect its F35 fighter jets, which are also bought by Turkey, forcing the country to impose sanctions on the deal.

On Saturday, Erdogan said President Donald Trump informed him that no sanctions were imposed on the Russian-made system.

Speaking to reporters after the Group 20 summits (G20) in Japan and after a bilateral talk with Trump, Erdogan said he believed the dispute involving the S-400 would be overcome ‘without problems’.

Erdogan also hoped that the problem with Turkey’s bank, Halkbank, which faced US sanctions on lending to Iran, would be settled soon.

Earlier in April, senior officials of the US foreign affairs and defense committees warned Turkey that it risks imposing severe sanctions if it moves ahead with its plans to buy the Russian S-400 missile defense system and threatens further legislative action.

“By the end of the year Turkey will have either advanced F-35s or Russian S-400 missile defense systems on its territory,” said Jim Reese, Jim Enhoff and Democratic Rep. Bob Menendez and Jack Reid. “Ankara may face sanctions under US law if it goes ahead with the purchase of missiles”.

“Sanctions will seriously harm Turkey’s economy, destabilize world markets, alienate foreign direct investment and block Turkey’s aviation and defense industry,” He said.

The two officials have powers such as “stopping” large arms sales abroad and playing significant roles in drafting legislation that could punish Turkey if it goes ahead with the S-400 package.

There is a dispute between the United States and Turkey, two NATO members, over Ankara’s decision to buy the Russian S-400 missile defense system, which runs counter to NATO’s, He said.

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