Thursday, August 18, 2022

Singapore bans electric scooters


Zubair Yaqoob
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Singapore is serious about wrestling with the tide of electric scooters: The strict Southeast Asian city-state, which offers virtually no bike paths, banishes them from the sidewalks. Too high is the risk of injury to pedestrians due to the almost silent, fast vehicles.

“Government has raised a $7 million local currency fund to help low-income food suppliers fund the switch to less-aggressive modes of transport instead electric scooters”

Particularly affected by the quasi-ban are the suppliers of food transport services that use electric scooters. After protesting against the decision, they are now compensated with up to a thousand Singapore dollars. This will allow them to switch to other means of transport such as bicycles or electric bicycles.

“Singapore sees itself as a smart nation”

Singapore sees itself as a “smart nation” and thus also as a test laboratory for new mobility through to drones. For several months, the city was flooded with rental bicycles that ended up in the jungle after use. As a result, the state prevailed. Then followed the flood of electric scooters, obstruct the sidewalks and repeatedly provoke some serious accidents.

Now the regulative hand of the state comes through again: First there were long reports in the state media about the momentous accidents, now followed the spell of scooters on sidewalks – which amounts to a ban. Together with the three major food suppliers Grab, Deliveroo and Food Panda, the government has now raised a $7 million Singapore dollar fund to help low-income food suppliers fund the switch to less-aggressive modes of transport.

The government pays the same bucks each for the change, the companies offer. They work with manufacturers of bicycles to reduce costs for suppliers. State offers the drivers, an education program to qualify for better job.

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