Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Swine flu hits Israel: Death toll rose to 31


Robert Frank
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The Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” reported that 31 Israelis were killed this winter as a result of (Swine flu) seasonal influenza, due to not having the necessary vaccination against the disease.

The newspaper said that 300 Israelis were hospitalized in a critical condition, including cases of swine flu. The Israeli health refused to disclose their numbers. This year, a decrease in the percentage of vaccinations was recorded, as those who received the vaccination reached only 24%, equivalent to only 2 million Israelis.

Anxiety and terror prevails among Israelis, following the announcement by the Israeli Ministry of Health of the near depletion of vaccines for seasonal influenza vaccination.

The newspaper said that influenza vaccines have already run out, from several health centers and hospitals in Israel, warning the newspaper that approximately 4 million Israelis have not received vaccinations at a time when the Ministry of Health confirms that the current influenza wave is the most aggressive in years, but since the establishment of the state in May. 1948, and is still in its infancy, and cannot provide 8 million vaccines.

The newspaper pointed out that some victims did not have any medical history, while dozens of patients were transferred to hospitals, some of them in critical condition, in intensive care units due to complications of the disease, all of whom did not receive the vaccination because it was not available.

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It should be noted that in Israel, it is not possible to obtain the influenza vaccine personally, as the Ministry of Health distributes all the amount it buys on the sick fund, known as “health insurance.”

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