Thursday, June 30, 2022

Tehran warns US against attack


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

Tehran threatened the United States with consequences if they violated the country’s airspace. Iran does not care what US President Donald Trump says or what decisions he makes,Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said Saturday the Iranian news agency Tasnim reported.

“What’s important is that we will not tolerate violations of our borders and consistently respond to any danger,” he added. Iran makes its own decisions independently of others.

The Iranian armed forces have also warned against attacking their country. Even a single shot could “set the Middle East region and the interests of the United States and its allies on fire,” the spokesman for the Iranian General Staff, Abolfazl Shekarchi, told Tasnim on Saturday. He added that Tehran is currently at an advantage in the region.

Iran first shot down an unmanned American reconnaissance drone that, according to Tehran, had damaged the country’s airspace and failed to respond to several warnings.

According to US data, the drone flew into international airspace, d of the incident, Tehran has now  summoned the Chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to Iranian data, the unmanned reconnaissance drone was launched from an US military base in the UAE and then flown towards Iran, news agency IRNA quoted.

Tehran strongly protested against “unacceptable” cooperation by the UAE with foreign troops for military attacks on Iranian borders.

United States had then wanted to respond on Friday with a military action, but the president had canceled them ten minutes before implementation.

Trump justified the stopped attack on Iran, among other things, that expected by the American military 150 deaths would have been “disproportionate” compared to shooting down a drone by Iran, Iran also indicated that it had no interest in deaths on the American side.

Thus, a manned reconnaissance plane of the type Poseidon, which had penetrated together with the drone in the Iranian airspace, not shot down.

The background to the tensions is the nuclear agreement terminated by the United in May 2018. US president Trump wants to force the leadership in Tehran now with the toughest sanctions against the oil and banking sector to agree a renegotiation of the agreement and stricter conditions. Tehran refuses. As long as Trump does not return to the nuclear deal and does not lift the sanctions, “Iran will not negotiate with America, even if it leads to further tensions,” said President Hassan Rouhani.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi once again issued an ultimatum to the signatory states remaining in the nuclear treaty – that is, the UN veto powers China, France, Great Britain, Russia and Germany – until July 7. If they fail to implement the atomic deal by then, Iran will continue its partial exit. “What happens then is well known,” said the spokesman.

Iran then wants to enrich its uranium indefinitely and no longer comply with the 3.67 percent cap prescribed in the nuclear agreement. Experts see this as the end of the nuclear agreement and a new level of escalation.

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