Friday, December 3, 2021

Typhoon Kammuri: Philippines began population-based operation


Zubair Yaqoob
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The Philippine government has begun operations for the displacement of thousands of people, in preparation for a Typhoon Kammuri that is now in the Pacific Ocean and bringing with it strong winds and heavy rains, threatening the SEA Games 2019.

Climatologists predict Typhoon Kammuri (Typhoon Tisoy) will hit the country tomorrow morning or late Tuesday, with wind speeds reaching 170 kilometers an hour.

The typhoon entered the Philippines this afternoon, shortly before President Rodrigo Duterto and boxing star Manny Pacquiao launched the magnificent ASEAN sporting event.

“Typhoon Kammuri likely to hit Philippines on Tuesday with wind speed 170 kilometers an hour”

The Games, held in Clark, Manila and Subic until December 11, involved 56 sports in dozens of locations, including those located far from each other.

Organizers have previously said they are preparing for an emergency plan to deal with the Typhoon Kammuri, including the possibility of canceling an outdoor sports event. Especially in the Luzon Islands.

Meanwhile, several local government units in the Bicol area have begun evacuating residents as a precautionary measure.

More than 800 families with an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 residents are now in the evacuation center, most of which are schools and gyms in Camarines Norte, a province located in the Bicol region in Luzon of the Philippines, the disaster management office said.

“Local officials are still carrying out evacuation operations in other areas, so an increase in population is expected”, the official said.

Most of the victims are residents of coastal and lowland areas who are often exposed to flash floods and landslides.

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