Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Viral appearance of wrapped ghost on Google Maps pointing Java in Indonesia


Zubair Yaqoob
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Recently social media has been horrified by the appearance of wrapped ghost like images in image search on Google Maps.

This became viral when posted by Samuel Christian, through his Twitter account @hendralm which was then shared more than 9,000 times by other Twitter users.

Later, in a 360-degree panoramic photo it will track a picture that when enlarged will look like wrapped ghost with bright red eyes.


Wrapped ghost

This finding also invited other netizens to try it. and sure enough, they also found it.

Seeing the hectic image allegedly wrapped ghost on this Google Maps, the picture taker finally gave a response.

Through his Instagram account @artbiz360, the picture taker claimed that he took the picture in Kedungwaru Kidul, Demak,a town of Java, Indonesia, two years ago.

At that time, he was trying out the night feature on his new camera and intends to take a view of the milky way between 9 and 10 a.m.

However, when taking and editing it, he was totally unaware of the appearance of wrapped ghost until some time ago many people asked about it.

Even so, he remained positive thinking and suspected there might be insects stuck to the lens.

“I don’t want to say if there is #horror, I’m just positive if it’s just an insect sticking to the lens, because when I took a photo there I did not feel anything, like goosebumps, or the hair on my neck stand for example, or maybe I just admit that it’s not sensitive”, he wrote in the post.

It seems that there was a presence, i never feel it, Samuel said

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