Woman toppled Russian President over judo

A judo bronze medalist overthrew Russian President Vladimir Putin after lifting him and pushed to the ground, prompting him to rise.

During a judo training session in the southwestern Russian city of Sochi on Thursday, with the participation of the 66-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin, bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016, Natalia Kuzyutina, 29, took part in the training session and was able to throw Putin to the ground.

Although many photos of the training session were published, as well as a video, Kuzyutina’s picture of receiving the Russian president on the ground was not published. World News Observer received an  exclusive picture before Kuzyutina pushed the Putin on ground,

President Vladimir Putin fought a number of judo national heroes, but the shot in which Kuzyutina participated showed how she lifted the Russian president over her head and dropped him on the floor of the gym did not appear in anywhere.


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