Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Two injured after right-wing assailants fired at a mosque in France

French police have arrested a man suspected of firing at a mosque in Bayonne in the southwest of France on Monday. Two elderly men aged 74 and 78 were seriously injured in the case which occurred at 3.20pm local time...

Dr Mahathir: Malaysians are highly regarded in foreign countries

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad said that the advantages of Malaysians working in foreign countries as professionals and having certain skills and abilities make them highly regarded. The prime minister said at this time many Malaysians working in...

US court jailed Malaysian woman for 51 months on identity theft

Over the past two decades, US prosecutors say a Malaysian woman known as Cheah Siew Im, 59, stole at least six identities and then accumulated fraudulent wealth. From Virginia to California, she disguised her roommate's identity and her makeup artist...

Typhoon Hagibis swallows more than 20 people

Typhoon Hagibis victims has risen to over 20, local media reported Sunday, a day after the storm hit Japan with heavy rains and devastating floods. More than 100,000 rescue teams, including 31,000 troops, rushed through the night to search for...

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Byco Petroleum will start producing Euro 5/6 petrol and diesel by 2024

Byco Petroleum Pakistan has started upgrading its refining facility in Hub, which would convert furnace oil into Euro 5/6...