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4 arrested in Argentina after a British millionaire property magnate was murdered


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Four people were arrested on suspicion of the murder of a British millionaire property magnate who was shot during a robbery attempt, Argentine authorities announced on Monday.

And the authorities in Argentina indicated, according to the British news network, on Monday, that it was searching for the fifth suspect involved in the crime, who is the leader of the group that killed the British millionaire property magnate Matthew Charles Gibbard, 50, in the capital, Buenos Aires, where they were on a motorcycle Next to them are aides in a car.

British millionaire property magnate has been shot dead outside a five-star hotel in Argentina after being held up by armed robbers who police believe followed him from the airport.

Matthew Charles Gibbard, 50, was named locally as the victim of a brutal attack that took place in broad daylight outside the Faena hotel in Buenos Aires.

According to reports, his stepson, Stefan Zone, 28, was also shot in the thigh and is recovering in hospital.

Alberto Fernandez, Argentina’s President branded the incident “atrocious” adding: “We must be severe, we cannot tolerate this. We must seek out those responsible and make them pay with the rigor of justice.”

Mr Gibbard is a director at Tingdene, a retirement homes firm, which turned over £20 million last year, according to Companies House.

He is also listed as a director for a local vineyard, and a vegetation management company.

It is understood that they arrived in Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza International Airport on a British Airways flight that landed at 9:20am, and took a taxi to their hotel, along with other family members.

There has been a recent spate of attacks by ‘motochorros’ in the city recently. One Canadian man was apparently tracked from the same airport to the Intercontinental hotel where he was forced to hand over his belongings to an armed assailant.

In December last year, Swedish tourist Christoffer Persson was shot during an attempted robbery, and his leg subsequently amputated due to his injuries. In the same month, a US tourist was hospitalised after a violent assault during which his camera was stolen.

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