AEPD slaps Spanish league 250,000 euros for spying La Liga users

AEPD slaps Spanish league 250,000 euros for spying La Liga users

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) has imposed penalties on Spanish league La Liga, after it was discovered that the application of the Spanish League League to obtain permissions from users without clarification, to find out the geographical location of users as well as access to the microphone.

According to the Spanish newspaper El PAIS, the fine came after the association was found to tap the users of the application through the microphone in order to access information about the piracy of the Spanish league matches, specifically the matches of Real Madrid and Barcelona and then determine the geographical location of the accused.

The Spanish court ordered the closure of the application on June 30 last year, after the case began on June 12, but the final decision on the case came today with a fine of 250,000 euros.

The Spanish league has expressed disappointment with the decision, according to its official spokesman, and announced that it will appeal the decision, but at the same time will delete the access to the microphone anyway the end of the month.

The La Liga application, designed to deliver all results online and provide information on the first and second division teams, includes other features, such as using the microphone to capture re transmission, and using algorithms similar to those used by Shazam to infer whether a customer is watching a football game or not.

AEPD believes that La Liga has committed a very serious violation by violating the principle of transparency by not properly informing users that their application activates the microphone for anti-piracy purposes. For this reason, it has imposed a fine of 250,000 euros and requires mechanisms to enhance user knowledge of when the microphone is activated.

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