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Aldi and Netto announce: These products will be abolished – immediately


Zubair Yaqoob
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The German discounter Aldi wants to pioneer and ban certain products from its range. In just a few days, the change will be implemented.

Only on Wednesday, the EU announced that disposable plastic will be banned by 2021, environmentally harmful products such as drinking straws, plastic plates and cotton swabs are to be taken out of the market.

Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord want to lead by example – and banish disposable plastic from its stores earlier.

The discounter wants to replace cotton swabs made of plastic with those made of paper as early as the end of this year.

Plastic straws, party utensils or disposable cups are then from the beginning of 2019 disappear from the “shelves or replaced by environmentally friendly alternatives,” the discounter stated.

Thus, Aldi Sud comes before the EU rules, which are to apply only two years later. According to the EU decision, more should also be recycled and the industry should be involved in certain measures.

Netto, Edeka, Lidl and Rewe also want to banish plastic

Not only Aldi says the fight to plastic: Also, Lidl and Rewe already announced to dispense in the future on dishes, drinking straws and disposable cups made of plastic.

But not immediately: Lidl wants to completely replace disposable plastic items such as drinking straws, cups, plates, cutlery and cotton swabs with recyclable products by the end of 2019.

Rewe plans to remove all plastic disposable tableware from its range by 2020. The waiver of disposable plastic straws, the grocer had already announced in July.

In 2019, the discounter Netto, which belongs to Edeka Netto, also discontinues the sale of plastic cutlery and plastic disposable cups nationwide.

According to a company spokesman, Edeka itself is developing reusable items specifically to avoid disposable plastic dishes and is relying on the increased use of renewable raw materials such as bamboo.

Further changes in markets and discounters

The drugstore dm wants to lead the way in terms of the environment as a pioneer and has announced an innovation: certain products will be available in future for self-filling.

There are also changes at Edeka: the supermarket is taking certain products out of its assortment, such as Mars and Red Bull. However, environmental aspects are not behind it.

At Aldi, some products are so popular that there is a lot of trouble for the customers if they do not get it.

This happened with an unbeatable offer, which was sold out in some stores after only two minutes.

Competition threatens the German discounters such as Lidl and Aldi by a new market from Russia, which promises mega-dumping prices.

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