Monday, October 25, 2021

Angela Merkel: Global warming crises are man-made, it is threatening


Zubair Yaqoob
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said in her New Year’s address: “The warming of our earth is real. It is threatening”. The global warming crises are man-made. “So everything had to be done to“ overcome this human challenge”; that was still possible.

Merkel justified the government’s recently approved climate protection program, the measures of which “make some afraid that they may overwhelm them and are far from sufficient for others”.

“New law offers necessary framework for getting a grip on global warming”

The new law literally offers the necessary framework for getting a grip on global warming ecologically, economically and socially. She was confident that Germany could build on “what has always made us strong” and counted: “our ingenuity, our hard work and our tenacity, our craftsmen, engineers and specialists, our state and voluntary structures, our way of living together in families and associations, the appreciation for those who work, for example, in caring for other people and with other people”.

German EU Council Presidency next year

Merkel announced that during the EU Presidency next year, Germany will campaign to bring the voice stronger into the world on global warming. “Germany could only do well, if Europe stands along”, she said. Germany would try to strengthen Europe’s role in the world by organizing “a summit of all member states with China and a meeting with the African states”.

The Chancellor emphasized her cooperation with Africa. If the people in Africa also had the chance of a peaceful and safe life. And that is possible if we end wars through political solutions. Security and prosperity in Germany “depended to a large extent on the fact that things in our neighborhood will be safe and that the economy will improve”. For this reason, credit goes to our soldiers, the police officers and the civilian helpers who do their work far from home.

In her New Year’s address, Angela Merkel also addressed the digital change. She said that new answers had to be found to meet the demands of digitization; everyone should have access to the education “they need for this change”. What is needed “more than ever” is the “courage to think again, the strength to leave familiar ways, the willingness to try new things”. Merkel said that it was necessary to believe that the unusual could succeed and that future generations should still be able to live well on earth.

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