Thursday, July 7, 2022

Austria: Heinz Fischer says the new government will start before Christmas holiday


Sajid Aziz
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Former Austrian President Heinz Fischer predicted that the new Austrian government will begin its work before Christmas and will consist of a successful alliance of the People’s and Green parties.

In a statement on Saturday, Fischer said that the People’s Alliance and the Greens are the best for Austria at this stage, compared to the previous alliance between the People’s and Freedom parties, noting that the head of the People’s Party Sebastian Kurz is too smart to repeat the previous alliance with the Freedom Party that caused crises and political scandals.

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Heinz Fischer explained that there are still people who believe that this alliance between the two parties is impossible, but my estimate is that the alliance is coming strongly, which is the best and easiest party alliance that can win a majority in the National Assembly (parliament).

He said that for the first time the Green Party had the opportunity to join the government and should take advantage of the opportunity, noting that there would be no “extremism” in the government, and the handling of refugees was likely to remain strict.

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