Thursday, July 7, 2022

Austrian Freedom Party asks government to provide clarification on cyber attack


Hailey Warner
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Herbert Kickl, head of the Austrian Freedom Party, asked Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz to provide urgent clarifications about the cyber attack to the Foreign Ministry database.

Kickl stressed – in statements yesterday Friday – the need to better inform the citizens about the accident, noting that with all the necessary understanding and appreciation of the procedures and ongoing investigations, it is time to provide citizens and Parliament with comprehensive information about the accident.

Austrian media reported on Saturday that the information technology systems of the Austrian Foreign Ministry have been the target of a serious electronic attack since the beginning of January, indicating that the problem was quickly identified, yet the cyber attack is still continuing.

Meanwhile, 40 experts from the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Army were deployed to control the breach.

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For his part, Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer  said that due to the nature and intensity of the pirate attack, experts believe that the cyber attack was a foreign entity, indicating that Russia’s accusation of this matter is only speculation.

The spokesman added that cyber security experts do not want to tell the perpetrators what the State Department already knows about them.

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