Thursday, May 26, 2022

Belgium tracks 94 terrorists and suspects with flights PNR implemented since 2018


Zubair Yaqoob
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The Belgian authorities announced on Sunday that the system of registration of passengers known as PNR (Passenger Name Record), implemented in the country since the first month of 2018, the security services have helped arrest and track down 94 terrorists and suspects in various crimes.

According to the Crisis Center of the Belgian government under the PNR system, airlines are obliged to provide all information they have about passengers who are scheduled to arrive, depart or transit through one of Belgium’s six airports.

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The system delivers passenger information 48 hours before registration to a team within the crisis center, which consists of specialists from local and federal police, state security, customs and Belgian military intelligence.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Center qualifies its results by noting that 40 out of 94 terror suspects were on the current register of foreign terrorist fighters FTF, and that any of the suspects arrested by PNR, required as a result of an activity or has been the subject of suspicion or conviction. With the help of Passenger Name Record, the men in question were arrested for questioning and interrogation and then released.

54 men and women were identified in a register PNR, after being named in cases of terrorism or extremism, but were not tracked by the police, but identified with the help of the Crisis Center team.

Check on PNR record began in Belgium last January, it now houses the top 29 airlines, covering 70% of all passengers arriving or leaving the country. The remaining 30% travel with one of 50 smaller airlines.

“In order to maintain privacy, our analysts only get information about the wanted passengers in terms of fighting terrorism or organized crime”, team manager Gunter Schoppens said.

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