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Binotto replaces Arrivabene to lead Ferrari team


Zubair Yaqoob
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“Red Revolution” for Sebastian Vettel’s attack on the Silver Arrows: Ferrari wants to end the title era of Mercedes in Formula 1 with a new team boss. After more than four years at the helm of the Italian racing team, Maurizio Arrivabene’s time is over, as Ferrari confirmed on Monday night. The former manager of a tobacco company will be replaced by the former Technical Director Mattia Binotto.

49-year-old Binotto has been working for the luxury brand since finishing his mechanical engineering studies in Lausanne. Binotto became Technical Director in July 2016. He and the 61-year-old Arrivabene should not have understood each other well.

The fact is that the Scuderia followed the claims in the fourth year of the Vettel. Overall, Ferrari has since the inauguration of Arrivabene 14 victories. In the same period, Mercedes won 58 races. The drivers ‘and constructors’ titles have been given to the German factory racing team since 2014, with Ferrari triumphing in the last race by Kimi Räikkönen in 2007, and last in the team ranking in 2008.

Is the role of Mekies also being considered?

Fiat President John Elkann and people from his immediate environment had now decided to replace Arrivabene by Binotto, the Italian sports newspaper “Gazzetta dello Sport” had written under the heading “Red Revolution”.

Ferrari spoke of a decision taken after “lengthy discussions” in connection with Arrivabee’s long-term personal interests and those of Scuderia. Surprisingly, she does not necessarily come at the end of last season was often speculated about a change at the head of the team. Arrivabene had usually commented rather bored and annoyed.

According to the report of the “Gazzetta” according to also Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri. Arrivabene and the 63-year-old worked together for the same cigarette maker.

Perhaps the role of Laurent Mekies in the Ferrari team could now be rethought. It was already committed by the International Automobile Federation some time ago. The commitment of the high-ranking FIA employee had caused a stir, as his former job also gave him extensive insights into other teams.

In the coming season, the 41-year-old Frenchman actually plans to work as a sports director at Ferrari. It is conceivable, however, that the former Deputy race director could now ascend to the Technology Director.

The pressure on Ferrari is definitely enormous. On February 15, the team will present the new car for the coming season, in which not the Finn Kimi Raikkonen, but the Monegasse Charles Leclerc will start at the side of the four-time World Champion Vettel. Anything else will change. Season starts on 17 March in Melbourne, Australia.

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