Thursday, July 7, 2022

BMG survey: Conservative party leads over Labor to Nine points four days before the elections


Robert Frank
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An opinion poll published on Sunday, four days before the British elections, showed that the ruling Conservative Party widened the difference between it and the opposition Labor Party from six to nine points.

The poll, conducted by the BMG Center for Opinion Polls, and published by The Independent newspaper, showed that the percentage of support for Conservative party increased by two points to 41% compared to the previous opinion poll conducted by BMG Center published on November 30th.

Support for the Labor Party fell one point to 32%, support for the Liberal Democrats increased one point to 14%, and support for the Brexit party remained at four percent.

Other opinion polls published at the weekend showed that the Conservative Party was overpowering the Labor Party by between eight and 15 percent.

Participated in the BMG survey 1542 voters who gave their opinions on the Internet between the fourth and sixth of this December.

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