Monday, October 25, 2021

Boris Johnson sticks to the law that does not suit him


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at
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So great are the doubts that Boris Johnson, according to nebulous hints, will stick to a law that does not suit him. A former (conservative) Attorney General threatens the acting (conservative) Prime Minister with the prison.

The bill, whose draft on Friday also approved the House of Lords, does not suit him. It is supposed to prohibit him from leaving the EU without an agreement and at the same time oblige him to request an extension of the withdrawal period in Brussels. Boris Johnson thinks that this is only a theoretical obligation. He would rather be dead in the ditch than apply for an extension. Consequently, the doubts about his rule of law. So far, it has already come.

But that’s what happens when people like a narcissistic, obviously megalomaniacal player like Boris Johnson, who does not really care about the truth, are entrusted with the fate of a country. 92,000 party members of the Conservatives have him on the shield lifted because he was the most radical candidate for the succession Theresa May as party leader and thus as prime minister: quitting the EU without ifs and buts, with or without agreement – best without. What consequences that has; if the lower house might disagree – no matter.

Johnson did not shy away from throwing out 21 conservative lower house MPs from the faction and, in fact, from the party, who had opposed his Brexit course (one can not speak of strategy). After all, there are such dissidents still in the party, former ministers among them, although the otherwise mutated into a club of radical nationalists (in the United States, the Republicans are degenerated to Trump’s complete rip-offs).

On Saturday, Labor Minister Rudd resigned in protest against Johnson’s methods; against those who set the tone today who were supposed to bring democracy back to Britain, but in reality only follow their Brexit delusion and their fantasies of a lost world. If this continues, the Brexit drama will end up as a terrible tragedy. The horrors will never end, especially not at an exit without agreement. At the prospect, some seem to find a frivolous pleasure. That’s the really bitter thing.

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