Sunday, May 29, 2022

Britain: Anti-racist protesters clashes with police


Robert Frank
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British anti-racist protesters clashed with the police briefly on Saturday after thousands gathered in central London to express their anger at police brutality after the death of a defenseless black citizen George Floyd in Minneapolis, in the United States.

After a peaceful day, some protesters near the residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson threw bottles at police and the police removed them.

The police said that a fellow policeman was taken to hospital for treatment after falling from the back of his horse, and wounded nine others.

A group of protesters attacked a doll in the form of President Donald Trump, while others threw flares.

London police said late on Saturday they had arrested 14 people and expected that number to rise.

More than a thousand people had organized a march earlier in front of the American embassy.

Thousands of protesters also gathered in the square in front of parliament, holding up banners saying “black lives matter” and ignoring the government’s advice to avoid massive gatherings due to the risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

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