Monday, July 26, 2021

Britain plans 500 million pounds animal farms for Brexit without deal


Zubair Yaqoob
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Britain is working on a plan for animal farms, at a cost of 500 million pounds sterling, if the Britain leaves the EU without a deal.

The plan, which the ministers of the government of Boris Johnson are working on, involves government intervention and the purchase of slaughtered cattle at specific prices in the event of a collapse in European demand due to higher tariffs, the Times said on Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Johnson traveled to Wales on Sunday and vowed that British farmers would be better off if the United Kingdom left the EU at the end of October without reaching an agreement.


Under plans laid down by Michael Goff, the former environment minister who is now in charge of preparing for the exit without a deal, the government will agree to buy any meat at a predetermined price. The plan, which is expected to cost the British Treasury about half a billion pounds a year.

But Johnson told EU leaders he was willing to hold talks on his country’s exit from the bloc when they showed a willingness to change their stance on the deal, or Britain would be prepared to go out without an agreement. According to a spokeswoman for the British government, “the prime minister was explaining to the European leaders the position .. that the exit agreement including the arrangement for Ireland has not been approved by the parliament in three times presented to the deputies, so it needs to change.”

The prime minister is happy to sit down when this situation changes, but he makes it clear to everyone who talks to him that this should happen. The fate of the border issue between Ireland and Northern Ireland after the exit is one of the most controversial points in the exit agreement with Europe.

According to the BBC, Britain’s exit from the EU without an agreement means that it should follow WTO rules if it wants to enter into trade deals with the EU and other countries. It can also negotiate free trade agreements.

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