Sunday, May 22, 2022

British Parliament clearly votes against Brexit deal


Zubair Yaqoob
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British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered a historic defeat in the vote on the Brexit agreement. More than 400 of the 600 MPs in the House of Commons rejected their deal with the EU.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has plugged a historic defeat in the vote on the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum Agreement. MEPs voted 432 to 202 on Tuesday evening in London against their negotiated deal with the European Union. Next Monday, May wants to present a plan B and explain her plans for further action in parliament.

However, the power struggle between the government and the parliament over the Brexit course is likely to intensify even more: just minutes after the vote, the opposition Labor party put a motion of no confidence in the government of Theresa May. This was announced in Parliament by Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, A successful vote of no confidence is the only viable way in which the opposition can trigger a new election. However, chances of success are barely granted to the Labor Initiative. They would need the help of rebels from the conservative government faction or the Northern Irish Protestant DUP, which supports the minority government with its ten votes. Both are not in sight. According to a spokesman, may rejects a resignation at least so far.

Chaotic consequences are expected


Britain wants to leave the European Union on 29 March. If there is no agreement until then, there is a threat of withdrawal from the international community without an agreement. In this case, chaotic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life are expected. Even before, British media had expected that May in the vote in Parliament more than 100 votes from their own camp could be missing.

Decisive for the rejection of the Brexit deal is the simple majority of the votes cast. The British House of Commons has 650 MPs. Seven Sinn Fein members did not take their seats in protest against the British state and four parliamentary speakers abstained. The votes of four other deputies, two of each page, which are responsible for the correct counting, are also not counted. This results in a secure majority with at least 318 votes.

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