Friday, July 1, 2022

British Poll: Conservative Party has highest voter support since 2017


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British Poll: Conservative Party’s lead over the opposition Labor Party has widened to its wave length since the 2017 election, less than three weeks before the Dec. 12 election, a poll showed on Saturday.

Support for the conservative party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood at 47 percent, up three points from last week, while opposition Labor stood at 28 percent, according to the poll by the Observer.

Support for the pro-EU Free Democratic Party (LDP) dropped from 15 percent to 12 percent, while support for the Brexit party dropped to 3 percent.

“Brexit’s abandonment of candidates in the Conservative constituencies in the current parliament has given the Conservatives a higher share of the vote so far and increased their lead over the opposition Labor Party”, said Jack Tadman, director of research at Opium.

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He said numerous voters had yet to make their choices, which could reduce the progress of the Conservative Party.

The British Poll, conducted online from November 20 to 22, was carried out by voters and coincided with the announcement of the Labor platform. The Conservative Party is due to announce its platform on Sunday.

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