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Canada adds Blood & Honor and Combat 18 on terrorist list


Zubair Yaqoob
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Canada has added the right-wing groups “Blood & Honor” and “Combat 18” to terrorist list. This was announced by the Ministry of Public Security on Wednesday on his website With. Accordingly, “Blood & Honor” is “an international network of neo-Nazis whose ideology derives from the National Socialist doctrine of Nazi Germany.” The group was founded in 1987 in the UK. With the help of its arm “Combat 18” carried out murders and bomb attacks. According to the ministry, the two networks are the first right-wing groups in Canada.

The move by the Canadian government is reported to be linked to countering extremist and terrorist content online following the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in mid-March this year.

On May 15, 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, other government leaders, and industry leaders to adopt the Christchurch Call to Action – a global pledge to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

The Canadian list includes a total of 60 terrorist groups from around the world. Among them are many jihadist associations such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram or the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS), but also left-wing rebel groups such as the Colombian ELN or the Shining Path from Peru.

After the assassination of the Kassel district president Walter Lubcke, Germany is considering further steps against right-wing extremists. Asked whether his department is planning a ban on “Combat 18” and other right-wing extremist groups, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer responded on Wednesday that this would be checked “the order has been placed”. However, according to a spokesman, this did not refer specifically to “Combat 18” but more generally to groups in the field of right-wing extremism. The suspect in the Lubcke murder case, Stephan E., was noticed in earlier years by contacts in the right-wing extremist scene.

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Etiza Afzal
Etiza Afzal
1 month ago

Very good article thanks for sharing energetic information. I really appreciate u . You need to work more to promote your website. I read blog on daily base.

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