Friday, October 7, 2022

Canadian intelligence director expresses concern over growing numbers of extremists


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

The Director of the Canadian intelligence agency David Venio, expressed concern about the growing number of members of the extreme right and advocates of white supremacy activists in Canada.

Addressing a hearing of the Canadian Senate’s National Security and Defense Committee on Thursday, Vino said the threat posed by violent extremism and advocates of white supremacy is a priority for the agency.

For her part, Secretary of State Christia Freeland said movements advocating white supremacy pose a real threat to Western liberal democracy and believe it represents a real and serious threat in Canada and in many other countries of the world.

The armed attack on the Quebec City mosque, which killed six people and injured five others, and the attack on the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand on March 15, which killed 50 people.

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