Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Czech PM announces ban on Huawei mobile phones? Government issued clarification


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at wnobserver.com

Earlier media reports said that Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis announced that he had ordered the ban on use of Huawei mobile phones by government office personnel, which was related to the warning of the Czech National Network and Information Security Agency (NUKIB). However, the Czech National Security Council issued an official statement, saying that it would correct the wrong warning to Huawei. The Czech Prime Minister did not order the use of Huawei mobile phones.

The full text of the official statement of the Czech National Security Council:

NUKIB is a government-independent institution whose conclusions are not based on technical assessments.

The ban on the Huawei mobile phone by the Prime Minister is still too early.

NUKIB only warns of critical information infrastructure or systems contained in important information systems, and does not involve ordinary users and terminal equipment under any circumstances.

For national security, it is always necessary to ensure the network security.

NUKIB has no right to assess the international political situation or legal and political environment of other countries.

In the absence of serious grounds related to national security, procurement procedures for information systems contained in critical information infrastructure or major information systems should not place bidders at a disadvantage.

The Czech Republic remains open to all legitimate foreign investment and will continue to provide an enabling environment for it.

Regarding the statement of the Czech government, Li Jian, president of Huawei Europe, said: “We appreciate the pragmatic attitude of the Czech government.”

Li Jian, president of Huawei Europe, said: “The Czech Republic Security Council today discussed the statement issued earlier by the Czech National Network and Information Security Office (NÚKIB) and realized that the warning issued by the government independent of the government is not based on technical assessment.

It is heard that the Czech Republic wants to remain open to all legitimate foreign investment, and that no bidders should be disadvantaged for the country’s critical infrastructure in any tender for information and communication technology without sufficient justification.

Huawei believes that any discrimination based on the origin of the company should be corrected in the Czech Republic.”

“According to the statement from the Czech government office, we firmly believe that any business cooperation with existing and potential customers and partners in the Czech Republic will not be affected. Our global reputation, business and investment should no longer be unfounded.

Accusations have been undermined. Over the past 30 years, Huawei has maintained a good safety record by working with customers in more than 170 countries around the world. In today’s digital environment, network security is more important than ever, we understand the government Network security challenge.

As the world’s leading ICT company, Huawei has established an auditable, sustainable and reliable network security system. We are willing to cooperate with the Czech government and industry to meet the network security challenge. Network security has always been ours. First priority, president of Huawei Europe, concluded.

On December 17, Dusan Navratil, director of the National Network and Information Security Office (NÚKIB), stated in a statement, “Chinese law Requiring Chinese private companies to cooperate with intelligence agencies, so introducing their products into key national systems may pose a threat.”

The statement explicitly mentions the software and hardware products of China’s Huawei and ZTE. Andrei Babis called on the National Security Council to brief the Director of the National Network and Information Security Office, Dusan Navratil, on the issue of warning statements and additional information.

According to relevant reports, the Czech move is related to the security warning issued by the Czech security authorities on Chinese communication products in the previous two days.

Recently, foreign media reported that due to national security issues, the Czech National Network and Information Security Agency (NCISA) warned operators in the country not to use Huawei and ZTE mobile phones, and said the warning was based on the findings of the Czech NCISA and Czech allies.

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