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Delayed influenza vaccination endangers school children in Britain


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One million schoolchildren are at risk of contracting the influenza due to a shortage of vaccines that threatens to increase pressure on British public health in the winter, The Sun reports.

General practitioners were told to prioritize the most vulnerable children at the start of the flu season, and health chiefs blamed the lack of vaccines at the manufacturer and warned that up to a million children could be left unprotected after a quarter of vaccines were stopped.

By testing the problems, explaining that vulnerable children in high-risk groups, for example, those who suffer from asthma, get the first nasal spray vaccines, next in class, will be children aged 2 to 3 years, sick children get priority.

Protect your child from influenza by vaccinating

Dr Mary Ramsay, head of the UK’s Public Health Immunization Department, said she was working to ensure that children get the influenza vaccine as soon as possible.

“We are working with British vaccine and public health companies to ensure that all eligible children receive the flu vaccine as quickly as possible”.

Priority will be given to children with basic medical conditions that make them more susceptible to influenza by doctors.

The officials said they hope to solve the problem by the end of December, before the flu season peaks. Experts warned that the early and severe influenza season in the southern hemisphere may be a cause of severe cold season.

Professor Robert Dingwall, a public health expert from the University of Nottingham Trent, told: “Australians have had a very bad flu season, we should expect the same strain of influenza to emerge here later this winter”.

He urged all high-risk groups, the elderly, infants, pregnant women, and people with underlying diseases to ensure their protection from influenza virus infection.

The British public health authority said the delay affected the nasal spray vaccination given to children, but not the adult vaccine provided by injection.

Officials said the adult flu program was underway, and public health in England reported all people over the age of 65, and other groups at risk to ensure they get their vaccine.

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