Monday, August 15, 2022

Facebook breakdown brings ‘Telegram’ three million new users


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

Russian social media platform Telegram founder Pawel Durow proudly released the growth figures of his chat service over the past 24 hours. Durow has more than three million new users worldwide, according to Durow. The reason for the high number of new registrations were problems with the news functions of Facebook and Instagram. Users in different countries (including France and Germany) complained on Wednesday evening about registration difficulties and other errors.

Due to the problems with other chat services lead to an evasive effect, is a normal pattern. Durow used the high daily growth that continue to drum up the telegram. The service has over 200 million active users around the world, far behind competitors like WhatsApp. The founder welcomed the new users and said that only his app offers true privacy and that still have “unlimited space for all”.

Pawel Durow currently use good news. His chat service is under pressure in Russia, China and Iran. Last April, the service in Russia was even blocked by a court order. Since then, Durow has been having a cat-and-mouse game with the Russian authorities and switching servers time and again. This tactic has already paralyzed several other online services.

Despite the dispute with the authorities, Telegram continues to function in Russia. Reason for the dispute is the refusal by Durows to pass encryption codes and user information to the authorities.

The ban has made Telegram most famous in Russia and has brought a large user growth. According to analysts, this growth was supported by “the charm of the forbidden”. Since the service disappeared from the headlines, user growth has flattened again. Latest attempt by the Russian government to further restrict freedom on the Internet couldn’t stop visitors turning to the Telegram.


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