Thursday, August 18, 2022

FPO chairman Strache resigns before Austrian election


Zubair Yaqoob
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After the breach of the right-wing conservative coalition, Austria is preparing for a new election. Austrian  President Alexander Van Der Bellen wants to receive Chancellor Sebastian Kurz this Sunday morning to discuss the next steps. “Now must be done what is necessary to restore confidence,” said Van der Bellen on Saturday night in Vienna. Only with a new election, new confidence in the country can be built.

Shortly, the coalition with the right-wing populist FPO had quit on Saturday and proposed the new election. The trigger was the publication of a video that shows how the FPO chairman Heinz Christian Strache a supposed Russian oligarch in Ibiza in 2017 had made public orders and prospects if he helped his party to electoral success.

Strache resigned as vice-chancellor and FPO leader on Saturday. The FPO pities the reform project of his government. “It also damages the reputation of our country.” In the talks he had with the FPO, he did not get the impression that the party was ready for fundamental changes.

Thus, the right-wing conservative alliance is about 18 months after the start again at the end. What impact this has on the euro election in a week, is open. According to surveys, the conservative, the European People’s Party (EPP), so far hoping for gains.

EPP’s lead candidate Manfred Weber praised the decision of Kurz. This shows backbone, wrote the CSU politician on Saturday night on Twitter. “The EPP is very clear about its values. The unpatriotic nationalists sell their countries and their values. “

Representatives of the new alliance of European right-wing populists, including the FPO, reacted cautiously. The AfD chairman Jorg Meuthen emphasized on the edge of a rally in Milan, he stands on the FPO. He would not “stab in the back” of the party because of a “singular affair”. The French right-wing populist Marine Le Pen said that this was a matter of Austrian domestic politics.

Kurz wants in his own words a new election “at the earliest opportunity”. Van der Bellen demanded a “clear, ruthless, complete explanation” of the incidents by the government and the judiciary. He spoke with a view to the scandal video of pictures that showed a disturbing morality. “Austria is simply not like that,” said the Austrian President. He explicitly praised the role of the media, which Strache had sharply criticized.

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