Monday, October 25, 2021

France: 33 European passengers injured in Flixbus accident near Amiens


Robert Frank
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Nearly 33 passenger were injured in Flixbus accident in northern France, four of them reported in critical condition. The bus had been on the Autoroute 1 road near Amiens between Paris and London, as the responsible prefecture announced.

The accident occurred around 12 noon on Sunday. Passengers from different nationalities were on board the bus. In total, 29 passengers suffered light injuries and four passengers received serious injuries.

According to the local authorities, the Flixbus was in a curve skid on the wet road, crashed into a barrier and tipped over. In the bus including driver were 33 inmates. According to the initial reports, the victims are from France, the United States, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia and United Kingdom.

The motorway section was temporarily closed for the traffic, authorities said.

Flixbus company long-distance coach was scheduled to travel between Paris and London, the company said. Local authorities are investigating the cause of accident.

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