Monday, October 25, 2021

France: Nearly 126 women were killed by their husbands in 2019


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At least 126 women were killed by their husbands or ex-husbands in France during 2019, that is, more than one woman every 3 days, despite unprecedented mobilization and “conscientious awakening” campaigns in the face of the continuation of this genocide.

Depending on the official figure for 2018, the government and parliament adopted measures to protect these women at the end of the year, and further work is planned in the coming months.

According to Agence France-Presse, “These murders were added from 06 January previous year, which is the date of the first three cases recorded, and the death of Audrey, 28, who was found to be severely beaten on New Year’s Eve, is the last of these”. The crimes that were recorded in 2019, a number that may increase during the coming period, according to the development of investigations in dozens of cases that are still pending.

“Domestic violence afflicts more than 210,000 adult women in France every year”

During the past 8 months, Agence France-Presse mobilized its journalists throughout France to study in detail with the authorities the cases of women’s murder.

These crimes are the final stage of domestic violence, which afflicts more than 210,000 adult women in France every year, according to the government. In 2018, 118 women were killed by their former colleagues.

This number has decreased since the government began identifying them a little over 10 years ago – about 180 cases in 2007, then 160 in 2010. But since 2013 it has remained around 120-130.

According to dozens of witnesses, authorities, and doctors interviewed by AFP, the scenarios frequently recur. They are, in all social circles and age groups, men who are hasty, depressed, manipulative, or women who are abused, in control, or who wish to stay with their children away from the clichés of “passion crime” that have long prevailed in this field.

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Separation remains the first reason invoked in 22% of cases, before separation 16%, while jealousy came 13%.

Then comes the disease, specifically aging, at 10%, which is a sign of a phenomenon that also affects the elderly (1 in 5 victims over 70 years old).

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