Thursday, May 26, 2022

France raises alert in five areas to cope with heavy rains and thunderstorms


Hailey Warner
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Authorities in France were on high alert in five regions to cope with severe weather conditions on Saturday.

The French National Meteorological Agency said that the intensity of rain may create crises in the streets as well as depriving many houses of electricity, and this bad wave of weather starts from Friday evening, which comes from the Mediterranean Sea and will flood the rain in the south of the country. The phenomenon is not strange, it is usual in the autumn and lasts only hours.

In the five French regions of Lozère, Ardeche, Gard, Var and Hérault, a state of alert was imposed. In addition, a large part of the southern and southeastern provinces of the country are in a state of yellow alert (level 2 of 4) due to various meteorological hazards: rain and flooding. Storms, winds and avalanches, the Meteorological Agency of France advised caution in these areas.

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