France to establish military space command next September

France to establish military space command next September

A day before the French national holiday, French President Emmanuel Macron has declared that he wants to expand the air force with a space command. The French are by no means the only ones who prepare militarily for space.

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the construction of a military space command. “To ensure the development and enhancement of our capabilities in space, a large space command within the Air Force will be created next September,” Macron said in a speech to the military in Paris on Saturday.

Macron spoke on the eve of the French national holiday. Sunday celebrations will be dedicated to European defense this year.

The universe is a “new area of ​​confrontation,” Macron said. He has approved a change in the military doctrine that “will enable us to defend ourselves in space and from outer space.” Space command is also about a better protection of French satellites.

The country’s Air Force will soon become an air and space weapon, said the French President and announced appropriate investment for the command.

US President Donald Trump last December ordered the formation of the “United States Space Command”, which is to bring together former space activities of other commandos under one roof.

The goal is to establish a “United States Space Force” as the sixth American force by the end of 2020. Even countries like Russia, China and India are also expanding their capabilities for the space wars.

NATO had first adopted a space strategy in June, this year. With this, the military alliance wants to prepare itself for the fact that wars could be decided in the future also in the universe – for example by attacks on strategically important satellites or a use of weapons in space.

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