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French authorities fire 16 intelligence personnel on suspicion of extremism


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A report of the French authorities said that since 2014, 16 French intelligence officials have been fired for accusing them of belonging to and promoting extremist organizations, and according to French government, there is a high possibility of these people being radicalized, and they were assigned to report on French terrorists and fighters to ISIS in particular.

According to the Valor Actual newspaper, they were particularly responsible for monitoring terrorists and extremists in power growing on French soil, or from the French who went to Iraq and Syria to join extremist organizations, and 16 members of the intelligence services were “flown” because of their potential extremism or Those around them. ”

The French Intelligence Inspection Authority indicated that, following the attack on the Paris police headquarters, which took place on October 3, investigations and follow-ups were intensified to monitor any extremist security element to prevent the recurrence of the incident, and no longer related only to terrorists and extremists.

Didier Lallement, the Paris police chief, had recently announced that seven police officers had been “disarmed” after the terrorist attack at the Paris police station, and a security officer had stabbed 4 of his colleagues, and some 33 reports were submitted relating to suspected extremism. .

In addition, according to the newspaper, “Le Parisien”, the French government has ordered the intelligence services inspectorate to submit periodic reports on the results of the tools and operations that are being conducted in order to detect and monitor all who meet the description of “extremist”.

The Commander-in-Chief of the French Police, John Marc Falcon, asked the police last October to give up religious intolerance and forget about all ethnic affiliations during their official working hours, as moral complaints are increasing day by day, and this is not in line with a system followed by the security apparatus, and confirmed The universe: “Our duty is strict, and does not tolerate prejudice to religion or race in treatment, whether with innocent civilians or criminals.”

According to the French “20 minutes” website, John Marc Falcon said: “I am fully aware of the police awareness of the principles of secularism and religious neutrality and are certain that any transgression has occurred due to religious persecution or racism, as it is an individual error and far from our belief in protecting the homeland.” Falcon called on security men to uphold religious neutrality.

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According to the same website, the Commander of the French National Police stressed that every behavior or signal issued by a security man related to religion or racism would be immediately transmitted to a disciplinary council and would receive a deterrent punishment on the matter.

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