Monday, October 25, 2021

French Defense Minister: Washington should not force allies to buy US weapons


Hailey Warner
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The United States should not force its European allies in NATO to buy US weapons, according to French Defense Minister Florence Barley. In an interview with the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche published on Sunday, the minister said: “Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty (on joint defense) should not be allowed, under pressure from Washington, to Article F-35”, referring to a fifth-generation American fighter model, that obliges NATO countries to buy American weapons.

Speaking days before the NATO summit in London, Barley said Europe should build its own military tools “suited to its economic and political capabilities”. NATO will never be a tool of our sovereignty, as the Europeans themselves must build it on a sovereign Europe. NATO will reinforce each other.

“NATO will never be a tool of our sovereignty” – French Defense Minister

Referring to the French president’s remarks on the “brain death of NATO”, the French Defense Minister said that Emmanuel Macron, in his statement, tried to urge NATO member states to “inevitable discussion” on several pressing issues and “give the principles of the coalition a new momentum”.

Barley stressed that these topics should be high on the discussions that will be held by leaders of NATO member states during their summit in London, next Wednesday.

French Defense Minister concluded by referring to the need to build a dialogue between NATO and Russia, saying: “There will be no security without dialogue”.

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