Thursday, December 8, 2022

French mayor bans death on weekends


Hailey Warner
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Isabelle Dugelet, French mayor of the village of Gresle in the Loire region, decided to ban death on weekends and holidays, in a sarcastic decision.

According to French radio station C News, the French mayor issued the cynical decision in reference to her objection to the situation in health organizations and to draw attention towards the shortage of doctors in the region, which threatens lives those may be in need of treatment or emergency interventions.

The radio itself indicated that the French mayor made this decision after having been forced last Sunday to search for a specialist who can confirm the death of a resident of the municipality. The doctor who supervised the treatment of the deceased was on vacation and the ambulances from other municipalities were unable to bring the specialists.

Behind the provocative decree prohibiting death in the home on weekends and holidays, there are tremendous number of calamities and tragedies that many residents suffer from due to the prevailing health care situation, the problem is linked to a severe shortage of specialists and need an immediate solution.

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