Friday, December 3, 2021

German Chancellor calls for fight against right-wing extremism


Zubair Yaqoob
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a fight against violent neo-Nazis. These would have to be “fought in the beginning and without any taboo,” said Merkel on Saturday at the Protestant Kirchentag in Dortmund. “That’s why the state is required here at all levels, and the federal government takes this seriously.”

Merkel said that the alleged murder Walter Lubcke “not only a terrible act, but also a great challenge for us, to look again at all levels where there are right-wing extremist tendencies or interweaving”.

Lubcke was shot down on the night of 2 June on the terrace of his home in Istha, district of city Wolfhagen. The Attorney General classifies the crime as a political assassination with right-wing extremist background.

In the course of her contribution, German Chancellor also addressed the conflict between Iran and the United States. She wanted to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict at the G20 summit attempt, said Merkel. The possibilities of Germany are “certainly not infinite,” Merkel said.

“But we too can contribute to what we want, namely a political, a diplomatic solution, is possible.” The Iran conflict will be addressed at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan next weekend at least in the bilateral talks topic , Merkel will hold a large number of bilateral talks at the summit.

“There has to be a political solution,” said Merkel. “I have not only the hope, but also the inner willingness and the will to work for it.” Merkel had recently called on Iran to hold on to the nuclear agreement and not seek escalation. The United States has unilaterally dropped out of the internationally agreed nuclear agreement and is seeking sanctions to persuade other Western states to give in. US and the EU, for their part, accuse Iran of interfering in wars in Syria and Yemen.

Merkel also campaigned for international cooperation. She said, “no country alone can meet the global challenges of the 21st century.” She regretted that the current level of trust in international relations, contracts and organizations was questioned.

At the Christian meeting under the slogan “What confidence” Merkel emphasized in her speech, which was greeted with much applause, that the challenges of war and terrorism could only be dealt internationally. In political discussions, it is important to try again and again, to trust the counterpart and never to conclude with it. It needs the willingness to start over again, without forgetting its own interests.

This fundamental willingness to talk to all politicians also applies to US President Donald Trump, Merkel said.

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