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German Foreign Minister has again bad luck with his plane


Zubair Yaqoob
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For the third time in three months, Heiko Maas is again in trouble with a German plane. On his trip to Bulgaria, the German Foreign Minister was more than an hour late, because an engine did not start.

Heiko Mass has arrived in Bulgaria due to an airplane breakdown with a delay of about 70 minutes on his inaugural visit.

Reason was according to the pilot that an auxiliary turbine supplied too little compressed air for starting the engines. Therefore, an external air supply had to be requested as a jump start.

But the Minister was still lucky in the accident: Dates did not burst because of the breakdown.

A meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Metodiev Borisov but Maas had to postpone for an hour. Nevertheless, the Bulgarian head of government warmly welcomed his guest from Germany with a hug.

On Monday, Maas wants to lay the foundation stone in Sofia for the new building of the German Embassy.

The German politician flew with an Airbus A321 to Bulgaria. The plane readiness to fly uses the short- and medium-haul aircraft only since December.

It can carry 82 passengers, is 840 km / h fast and can cover distances up to 5000 kilometers. The German government had purchased the plane last year needed. It did not take half a year until the first breakdown.

Thus, none of the four different types of aircraft intended for government flights is now free of breakdowns. The others are the Airbus A340 (long haul), the A319 (medium haul) and the Global 5000 from Bombardier (long haul).

The German government has now drawn consequences from the numerous mishaps in government airmen.

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has secured the procurement of commissioned three new long-haul machines, which should complement the fleet of currently 14 quite old aircraft.

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