Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Germany rejects US sanctions on Nord Stream 2


Robert Frank
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The German government confirmed its rejection of the US sanctions imposed by Congress on the “Nord Stream 2” gas line, considering it an interference in its affairs.

Ulrich Demir, deputy spokeswoman for the federal government, said in a statement Saturday, that the government expresses its regret for the signing of US President Donald Trump on the sanctions imposed by Congress and its entry into force, stressing the federal government’s rejection of such sanctions that exceed regional borders and interfere with the matter German and European companies.

Dimer added that, given the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian talks on transporting Russian gas via Ukraine to Europe, “these US sanctions are not fully understood”.

She noted that with the support of the European Commission and the German government, a preliminary agreement has been reached between Ukraine and Russia on a new agreement to transport gas via Ukraine from 2020.

On Friday evening, US President Donald Trump signed a package of defense budget legislation, including the penal code against “Nord Stream 2”.

“Nord Stream 2” will transport Russian gas next year directly to Germany, away from Poland and Ukraine.

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